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Art Creation in this Colorful Summer—Welcome to The 3rd Summer Camp of TAM!

Release date:2016-10-8 Browsing times:1227Time

Who is the most creative artist in your mind, Van Gogh, Dali, Yayoi or Kusama? What is your favorite word used to describe creative ideas—funny, dazzling or fantastic? You ar...

TAM Special Program for Dragon Boat Festival 2015

Release date:2016-10-8 Browsing times:995Time

By celebrating the traditional Chinese festivals, people can not only carry on the cultural tradition, but also show their expectation for peace and good luck. On the Dragon Boat F...

June 1st Exclusive Souvenir in TAM

Release date:2016-10-8 Browsing times:1141Time

June 1st –Children’s Day is around the corner. Little friends, are you ready to be close to the nature and art? You are welcome to experience wonderful programs in TAM....

International Museum’s Day (May, 8)-Based Art Programs

Release date:2016-10-8 Browsing times:927Time

With the advent of International Museum’s Day and National Disabled Day, on May 16th, 2015, Tianjin Art Museum launched a program titled Hearing-Impaired Students Experiencin...

Tianjin Art Museum will launch a wide range of art programs based on Exhibition Tour of Subirachs’ Art Works in China

Release date:2016-10-8 Browsing times:829Time

Exhibition Tour of Subirachs’ Art Works in China, a high-end exhibition program subsidized by Tianjin Municipal Government, will be under way in TAM on March 21st, 2015. Subi...

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