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Ma Chi

Director of Tianjin Art Museum

Ma Chi, male, the Han nationality, was born in Tianjin in 1972. He graduated from the Department of Oriental Culture and Art, Nankai University. Once as a correspondent of Tianjin Daily News, he was responsible for sections of “Art Collection” and “Celebrity Interview” of the paper and wrote a large number of articles on art review and interview for various newspapers and magazines. He also planned and organized several art exhibitions. At the present he holds the position of Deputy Director of Tianjin Art Museum.


Lu Yongxiu

Deputy Director of Tianjin Art Museum

Lu Yongxiu, female, the Han nationality, graduated as a Museology major from the History Department of Nankai University. Having successively served as Associate Professor of Museology and Office Manager of Tianjin Municipal Art Museum, Propaganda & Education Director of Tianjin Museum, she at the present holds the positions of Deputy Director of Tianjin Art Museum and Vice Chairman of the Professional Board for Marketing and Public Relations of China Museums’ Association. She is also honored with Professor of Museology, a member of China Artists Association and Adjunct Professor in the History School of Tianjin Normal University. She was once awarded the honorable title of Outstanding Worker in the cultural sector at state-level. Focusing on researches of ancient Chinese bronze wares and Tianjin local collectors for years, she has published articles of over 200,000 words on the professional periodical Cultural Relics as well as in such books as Art Archaeology in West China and Top Collectors in Tianjin. She also co-authored Handbook of Cultural Relics Identification, Donated Selections of Mr. Xu Shizhang and Choice Collections of Tianjin Museum.

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